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I'm Finally Clear From Cystic Acne....!

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The main reason I write this posting is to help other people who also suffer the same acne problem like mine. I do hope my experience can help others to get rid of their cystic acne for good.

In the past, I never had any serious acne problem. I had maybe a couple of pimples around my period but it never really got out of control until I felt so depressed an even thought about killing myself. The nightmare began after I had a scoliosis surgery a few years ago. The surgery took about 9 hours. I was prescribed a heavy dosage of Hydrocone as pain-killer which worked very well. I never felt any pain post surgery although my back was cut 12" open and my spine was drilled to fit 2 titanium rods + 21 screws on my back. The surgery was successful. My spine is straightened. I weaned the Hydrocone gradually and finally stopped completely about 4-5 months later. A few weeks after taking the Hydrocone, I started to develop cystic acnes. It began with just a few rather large acnes on my face. The surgeon who performed my spine surgery also noticed the change on my complexion but she said there's no study/research yet that connects cystic acne with spine surgery side-effect. I thought since my spine was drilled and straightened, the nerve system inside my spine was affected and triggered the cystic acnes on my skin.

It started with just a few large pimples and got really bad to the point where my face, neck, chest and back were covered with hundreds of large cystic acnes. I knew there were hundreds of them because I counted them.I became so depressed and even thought about killing myself. My complexion used to be so clear and smooth and now covered with red, large painful acnes. They were the size of corn kernels. Sometimes a few of them merged to form a gigantic cystic acne. I could not sleep at night because the acnes were very painful as if there were aliens living inside them.They just showed up on my face and stayed there for months. A couple of them were even as big as a grape size. When I touched them, they felt soft and liquidy in the inside. If I popped them, white pus and lots of red blood would come out. Often my mirror was covered with pus and blood from me popping my acnes. Disgusting! I've used many different acne products from the cheap OTC to the expensive dept store ones. Nothing worked. After doing a lot of researches on the internet, I finally realized my cystic acnes were caused by my kidney. I never took any heavy drugs before until I took Hydrocone after my back surgery. I'm only 100 lbs so taking Hydrocone for 4-5 months ruined my kidney. And then I did experiment with large dosage of vit A, B5, C, D, E, Magnesium plus multi-vitamin. I took about 10 capsules of B5 everyday. I went to the bathroom very often as the side effect. My skin was getting worse. My kidney was sufferring from all the drugs/vitamins that I took. My skin became the "garbage disposal" for the toxin from inside my body. I finally realized about my kidney problem when I suffered from urine infection. I felt like peeing frequently but only a few drops of urine came out. The feeling was horrible. It's like having a fever but worse. You felt like whatever you do is very uncomfortable. It was really really bad. The infection went away after my doctor perscribed me with some antibiotics but my kidney was already damaged.

I finally stopped consuming any sweet food/drink, dairy products, any kinds of nuts and spicy food. I also stopped taking any vitamins. I only eat green vegetables, apples, a little bit of meat/chicken/bread/rice/pasta. I also stopped using any face products for acne. Basically, I went back to the very basic. And my cystic acnes started to heal and disappear. I did experiment eating 2 sugar glazed donuts (yummm...!). The next day a few large cystic acnes showed up again on my face/back/chest. The same thing happened when I drank fruit juice/milk, ate sweet and sour chicken, jalapeno cheese, peanut butter, almond, chitos, etc. I did experiment with all these food/drink one by one. All caused cystic acne. Now, after my skin is clear, I always read the nutrition content on the package. I won't eat/drink anything that contain sugar/dairy product/chilly.

For clear and clean skin:

- Do not eat/drink anything that contains sugar, dairy, caffein, chilly/spicy food, any kinds of nuts.

- Eat a lot of green vegetables: lettuce, asparagus, spinach

- Eat fruits, but becareful bec fruits can have high sugar content as well. I only eat 1-2 red delicious apples daily for now.

- Drink plenty of water. I drink about 2 liters a day.

- Stop taking too much supplements everyday. DO NOT MEGADOSE vitamins. It will ruin your kidney and cause cystic acne.

- Stop being stressed out about everything. Just try to be more relax and easy going.

- Have at least 8 hours of sleep everynight.

- Use mild face wash, such as: Clinique mild liquid face soap.

- Use mild bar soap, such as: Olay white bar soap.

- If you wear make-up, use Olay wash cloth to clean-up the make-up.

- Use Clinique 7-Day Scrub a couple of times a week to get rid of dead cell.

- Use back scrub to really clean-up the skin on your back. You can get it at Ulta (looks like a fish net).

- Use pure vit E oil as moisturizer. If it's too greasy for you, just massage the vit E oil on your clean face for a few mins and wash it a couple of hours later. Vit E oil helps to clear up the red mark post acne.

- Change your towel twice a week, your sheet one a week.

- Use laundry detergent for baby.

- For spot treatment, use Clear and Clean Persa Gel.

- Exercise regularly. Nothing fancy. 30 mins fast walk or 30 mins aerobic will do.

I'm pretty much clear now. I am very happy to have a clean and smooth complexion again. My chest and back are clear too now. It's not easy to stop consuming sweet, cheese, chitos, sugar glazed donuts, spicy food, etc., but I'd rather have clean skin. Cyctic acnes were really a nightmare to me.

I hope this will help some of you to heal your cystic acnes.

Good luck..!!

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thanks for the advice! Glad you cleared your acne. Did you do a kidney or liver cleanse to restore your kidneys?

Current regimen: garlic supplements  & turmeric [as needed, for antioxidants, both are AMAZING for skin], Enzymedica gluten blocker/ digestive enzymes [as needed], nicadan [the only vitamin presciption I take -1/2 per day works well], DIM (needed), inositol (very rarely nowadays - no longer needed as my PCOS is balanced). Also trying herbs for adrenal fatigue. I try to simplify as much as I can. Don't take more supplements than you need....try one at a time and be patient.

The supplements that really helped me when my acne was at its worst: inositol, DIM [not as frequently now!] digestive enzymes [don't need them every day anymore, only on cheat days], herpanacine & vitamin C with rose hips/ low acid [not every day], regular sun exposure for vitamin D3, superoxide dismutase (SOD) enzyme supplements. NOTE: I do not recommend DIM for long term use, and I do not recommend hormonal creams without doctor supervision.

Lifestyle & Skin Care: acupuncture, regular exercise/ yoga, low histamine diet, avoiding unnecessary stress, balancing skin's PH (using BioClin and other products), using distilled/ filtered water to wash face, occasional high frequency & lactic acid peel facials...


Grocery list:



** Find the cause, find the cure **

** If you have a question for me, please ask it publicly so that others can benefit from the discussion**



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