Spironolactone Breakout With Increased Dosage

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I have a derm appointment in October and he already told me he wants me to go to 100 mgs but if I'm clear on the 50 mgs why bother going up? Not sure what to do

Hey Valerie,

I noticed you've been good on Spiro. I do not want to scare you but if your body becomes immune to it which normally happens with long term antibiotic treatment, your hormones may go crazy again, thus creating the dreaded X. I just finished my course with accutane and I am more than pleased. I am shedding hair which is a known side effect from stopping treatment with my hormones and body out of whack. I was fine on 25mg, until I upped the dose and tried to stabilize my skin but I could not. All antibiotics are short term and won't work forever. But your skin looks amazing nonetheless. There are no pics with you and acne, which seems funny. But you are beautiful. Keep it up mammas (:

We need to feed our skin

as we'd feed our bodies

a delicate rhythmic dance

we all deserve to find.

Eminence Organics

-probiotic cleanser

-hungarian face mask

-citrus exfoliating wash

Acure Organics

-sensitive facial cleanser

(alternating face washes helps

so my skin does not become resistant)


Month 1 40mg

Month 2-6 80mg

Retin A Micro every other night

Clindamycin every other night

Clindamycin during day under light 100% Pure Mineral Powder on T zone


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I didn't notice results until I went up to 100mg, so I think it's a good dosage for many people.

Did you stay less oily on the 100mg? I haven't seen results yet being on 100 mg and its been a year.. just upped my dose

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