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Acne Prescription Help

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I finally went to the dermatologist for the first time and it was faster than expected. He prescribed me Salvax (the foam) to put in the morning. And then Epiduo to take at night. It has been 2 days now and my face feels sort of irritated. Sometimes I fee like scratching it a lot :/ Am I supposed to be getting used to this? Do I skip a day and then go right back? and also, is it ok if I put on moisturizer? And if it is, do I put it on after or before the treatments? When I asked the dermatologist this, he said before. But I use a cetaphil cream and it is so thick that I think the epiduo will mix with the moisturizer! Everyone on the internet, even the professionals, said to put the moisturizer on after the treatment has absorbed. Im so confused.

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