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Best Prescription Topical Treatments?

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Yo, dawgs. :P

Read the whole post for a background on my situation, skip to the last paragraph for the actual questions.

So...I'm going back to my dermatologist next week for my late-onset adult acne. I am 25. Never had a pimple in my life; now all of the sudden my jawline loves to produce clusters of tiny bumps...some of which become inflamed and red and huge. It can be painful, it sucks. What kind of acne is this? Where it's not necessarily inflamed, just bumpy and visible if you look closely?

HOWEVER. I have been using tea tree oil in my moisturizer for the past few months, on top of Ortho Tri Cyclen BCPs, and my skin has calmed down a bit. Though I never really know, because I could just be going through a "good phase". My skin does seem to behave in phases now. (As opposed to when I was younger and it was always just PERFECT :(

Rambling aside, I have been using Clindamycing Phostphate Lotion (Fougera) USP 1% for about ONE week. My Derm prescribed it to me after I told her how dry epiduo made my skin. I have very very dry/sensitive skin naturally, so the epiduo just wasn't for me.

I apply the Clyndamycin Lotion to the areas where I am broken out in tiny little bump clusters, then I let that dry, and apply my Cetaphil cream.

I am noticing much less INFLAMED acne (Not sure if this is because of the Clyndamycin or not), though I am still seeing the tiny bumps. I may be so bold to say I see even MORE tiny flesh-colored bumps in areas that I do not usually break out. I have bumps on my jaw, and my lower cheeks now.

It's nothing makeup can't cover up, but still...I hate it. And I'm always worried for when the next inflamed one will erupt. Ugh.

My questions are: what has been the best prescription TOPICAL acne treatment you have tried/are using? What happened? Was there an initial breakout? If so, how long? And how sever is your acne? I am NOT an oily person, I have dry skin. So maybe dry skinned people/adult acne sufferers will have better answers for me, personally. What did you think of Clindamycin Phosphate Lotion if you have tried it? I love that it's not drying.

I would like to go to my derm appointment next week with some suggestions/knowledge. Thanks!

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Retin-A (Tretinoin) has done a lot for my skin, much more than Benzoyl Peroxide did! As for an initial breakout, indeed, there was one, but such a thing shouldn't really be something you consider. The initial breakout is because you are treating your acne, there is no way round it - unless you want to leave it under the skin. Luckily I didn't get too much of one since I took anti-biotics in addition to it which helped.

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