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Differin In The Morning?

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I have recently had a few minor breakouts (minor here...major to me smile.png) and went to see a dermatologist. I noticed lately my skin during the day was getting really oily which I assume is the cause of my breakouts. My dermatologist prescribed Differin to help with my oily skin during the day but she told me to apply it in the morning after I wash (and shave) and before I moisturize. I have read here and on the package to apply at night. I usually wash in the morning and at night but lately have been washing after work to get rid of some of the oil. She was giving me this so I did not feel so oily while at work.

I assume she told me to do it in the morning to help me through the day. I have only been using it a few days and have not noticed a difference in the oil.

What should I do?


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