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Extremely Oily Nose

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Retin A + dawn ultra as a face wash

Basically I have an oily t-zone (combination skin), but my nose gets beyond oily to the point where it becomes irritated. I blot it all day long and it comes back with a vengeance. Is there anything else I can try other than blotting it? There's nothing worse than having a shiny nose. I'm thinking about maybe purchasing some mattifying 'invisible' powder, not sure how effective it would be though.

Everywhere else gets a thin layer of oil, but on my nose it's very thick. I'll appreciate any advice and to hear from others who have similar issues.

That's actually a pretty terrible combo. I hope this is a joke; don't try this anyone.

Retin-A has been clinically shown to have oily skin as a side effect due to it's pore unclogging mechanism and how it increases skin cell turnover. And Dawn Ultra has no business being on your face, whether you have acne or not.

Pfft - don't knock it till you try it.

Dawn cuts through grease! It unclogs pores far more effectively than any cleanser in existence plus it's skin safe. You will never need to use a biore strip on your nose again again.

After a few months of Retin-A your pores will shrink and not be as oily. (*Note for the first few months it will appear that your pores are bigger because all the extra skin buildup starts clearning from your pores)

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This thread is pretty old, surprised anyone actually found it. It's not really an issue for me now so I am going to close the thread. Thanks for the responses though.

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