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Dry, Flakey Skin?

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I wanted to share this with everyone. I recently moved to Minnesota from Illinois and the temperature is much colder and the air is much drier. My face started flaking like crazy! It was so bad that I was switching up my routine and trying new products in the hopes of finding something that would relieve my flakey skin. In the process, I ended up giving myself acne because pretty much all the products I tried I had adverse reactions to. So I went back to pretty much what I was using before. My acne is fairly mild; I'd have the occasional breakout but that's about it. Anyways... to give you an idea of my flakey skin, I would wash it gently and not even 5 minutes later it would be flaking. I would put on moisturizer and again..not even 5 minutes later the flakes would start to show through. So it was an endless battle of applying moisturizer and checking my face throughout the day.

What I came to find was that the air was very dry and my skin was not reacting well with it. So I dug out my humidifier, cleaned and disinfected it, and had it run throughout the night in the bedroom with the door closed so it only moistened the bedroom air. About two days of doing this, I noticed a HUGE improvement in my flakes. They are pretty much nonexistent now! I'm so relieved! I can't say I will be using the humidifier in the summer though. Now to see how my face reacts to the summers up here too. tongue.png

But if you have dry, flakey skin, especially in the winter, invest in a small humidifier for your bedroom. It's not only good for relieving dry skin but it also helps your overall health!

STEP 1 - Cerave Hydrating Cleanser
STEP 2 - Moisturizer + Jojoba Oil
STEP 1 - Cerave Hydrating Cleanser
STEP 2 - Jojoba Oil
STEP 3 - 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide
STEP 4 - 1/2 Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion 10% Glycolic AHA + 1/2 Moisturizer + Jojoba Oil
- Humidifier in bedroom running throughout the night (fall/winter only)
- Zinc tablet daily after dinner

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