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Retinoids Causing Swollen Pimples

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I have been on differin for about 2 months prescribed for closed comedones (clogged pores) and blackheads on the lower part of my face and cheeks. It was only about 15-20% improvement when I had my 2 month derm checkup so she upped me to Tazorac. For the past month while on both differin and tazorac I started getting swollen inflamed pimples that never come to a head on the right side of my face which has not happened during the past 5-6 months of when this clogged pore issue started and is not characteristic of anything I have had before. Could the retinoids be causing this and is there a way to prevent these swollen ones?

PM - Clean face with water and cotton rounds. Spot treat with Finacea.
AM- Wash face with Aveeno Gentle Foaming Cleanser and apply Sanitas Oil Free moisturizer
30mg Absorbica for 8 months

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