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Back in the 80′s the zinc was not micronized so it was very WHITE, and sometimes contained the addition of a hot pink, green or yellow color! Life guards wore it on their noses and lips. Yes the 80′s did happen. So did Stussy, big shoulder pads and NEON.

So why am I obsessed with zinc oxide? It has cleared my acne, healed my eczema and calmed my irritated skin while providing UVA/UVB protection. There are not enough products out there with a high enough concentration of zinc oxide which isn’t carried in a comedogenic base.

I used to purchase the expensive Dermalogica Super Sensitive Face Block because the carrier ingredients are acceptable. It’s like $35 for a tiny bottle and there really isn’t enough zinc oxide. I will do a post on just sunscreen. If you have sensitive skin only buy physical sunblock that contains zinc or titanium oxide. The Dermalogica SSFB is good for protection but I wanted zinc oxide for the healing properties as well. I actually buy micronized zinc and add it to a base of jojoba cream that I purchase wholesale.

I know most of you are not going to make your kitchen into a chemistry lab, buy zinc and mix your own cream to leave in the refrigerator.

SO: the next best thing out there is “Burn Out;” the version in the blue and white tube. “Burn Out” is 18% zinc oxide and you can buy it at Whole Foods. Desitin and diaper rash creams are primarily zinc but you need to be careful of the carrier cream which could have comedogenic ingredients. I am in the midst of formulating a healing acne lotion made of zinc oxide, calamine and other ingredients. Zinc oxide mixed with 0.5% iron oxide is what we call calamine. Remember mom put that pink calamine lotion on your mosquito bites or poison oak?

Read my blog! All about skin care especially after my struggle with eczema prone acne troubled skin. I have spend thousands of $$$$$$ on products, dermatologist specialists etc. It's just an account of my journey along with my science background and esthetician training.

Here is the link to my post on zinc oxide:

Here's the blog:







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i was prescribed melagard which is a sunscreen.its both chemical n physical block.

it's got zinc oxide and yes,when applied it does give that pale white tone.

they say zinc oxide cause that pale white look.

although these days most cosmetics seem to somehow omit that part.they claim there's zinc oxide but no pale look.

i was wondering if mine could do?

i mean i anyway have to use it as a sunscreen.great if it heals while protecting.

but then it does have other ingredients as chemical block.i hope they dnt obstruct anything progressive.=)

let me know if u need more detail.

also please add ur link under the sucess category.=)


Itchy red raised skin - dermatitis??

huge pores

indented scar

oils used for cooking

inflamed whiteheads & clogged pores

my balanced diet chart and skincare routine(medications taken & products used now)

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Well I know it has been said before but diaper rash cream for babies has been heaven sent for me. Mine is from a spanish supermarket brand Deliplus.

It includes zinc oxide..I dont know the percentage and shea butter,calendula oficcinalis flower stract,rosmarinus oficinalis flower estract,heliantus annus seed oil magnesium sulfate and many more quemicals.

Its like suocrem or desitin I guess but with many ousturisers,it leaves my skin all white and its a PITA take it off in the morning.

My skin condition is not acneic BUT.I m mixed race with very light skin and frekles.I get redness in my t zone,large pores,oily shiny skin,flakes dead cells on my knows and in between eye brows. ry patches of skin in my cheeks,hyperpigmentation...and I also get razor bumps inglrown hairs and I got dark scars after years of sahving.

Oh yeah Ive never had acne! but Id trade all the above for 2 or 3 spots.

My skin is so sensitive that I cant use perfume alcohol comeogenic stuff. Lately I had been washing my face with oatmeal milk and a homemade letuce tonic.Both home made.

I did some research an came up with this Zinc oxide thing,decided to give it a try and IM still in disbelief.

Im an actor so make up is a must for me. The results Ive got after 2 days from this iaper rash cream are as folows

1.Incredible soft to touch skin all over my face

2. smaller pores,I have to actually come very close to a mirror to see them

3.Even tone,almost no redness

4.mate glow,no more shiny oily skin,just a glow that together with the uniform tones gives the impresion of make up

5.Lightening of my shaving scars on my neck and control of my razor bumps ingrowrn hairs is also softer when I shave making it easier to shave you only see my eyebrows my eyes an my lips,the rest of my face is just clear skin

I just dont use any other thing,I wash my face with water at night,apply the cream,leave it over night and take it off in the morning with water and a towell.

Thats all I do and it gives the impresion of make up all day.You natural oil will come out as the ay goes by and mousturize your skin naturally.This thing wont clog your pores.I see people staring at me.

usually when I wear make up people stare at me cause I have very exotic girly features.But i dont like to wear make up cause its embarrasing for a guy if anybody finds out.But now I can look flawless.

please give it a try.

Any iaper rash cream with zinc oxide and mousturizers.

This is heaven send I coul really be talking about this for hours,you have no idea the amount of money Ive spent over the years in products,both rug store products and natural or homemade.

Nothing ever gave me these results overnight

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