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Acne? Hormonal?

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My teenage daughter has been suffering from acne since she turned 15. She is 19 and has spent a small fortune on all kinds of acne products. Last month she went for a visit to the Dermatologist and he put her on birth control and her face has cleared up nicely. If anyone else's child is going through this, maybe this might be the way to go.

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Very true. I had acne at 15 until 17 and was put on Juliet 35ED. Swapped contraceptives when I thought I was clear and it's all come back in the past 6 months (I am now 20). I am back on the Juliet plus taking doxy and doing the regime... it's working wonders.

Regimen started 27/03/13

Morning & night routine:
Cetaphil cleanser for oily and acne prone skin
Dans BP
Cetaphil moisturizer and Dans AHA+ mixed

(jojoba oil at night)

Doxycycline 50mg/day
Estelle 35ED birth control

Supplements daily:
Womens multivitamin
Zinc 50mg
B-50 complex
Vitamin C 1g
Pantothenic acid 1g

Vitamin D 2500UI

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