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Buying Dans's Products From The Uk - Tax!

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I've just brought 'The 8oz Complete Regime' from AMAZON.COM. It arrived today. It's taken 11 days to arrive.

I've only ever brought the 8oz BP before and it's great so I thought I'd give the full regime a go.

Cost me $38.44 and $18.50 in shipping and handling. So £37.40.

Because of the value of the parcel I've had to pay a extra £12.44 in customs tax. So overall this kit as cost me £49.84 (OUCH)

Bare in mind 8oz is 236ml so this product should last me a while but it's still worked out a lot more expensive than if I went and brought the over the counter equivalent here in the UK.

So my recommendation: If you need a BP, buy dans from AMAZON.COM. If you just buy the 8oz tube you will avoid having to pay any extra tax once it arrives in the UK. Buying the full kit is just not worth the extra cost.

And if Dan ever reads this, you have a lot of loyal followers here in the UK so please can you make it easier for us to get this great product :D

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Agree with this. Definitely need to get a UK supplier of regimen products!

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