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Very Ambitous Acne Regimen

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So, this post is in regards to my new acne regimen that my derm prescribed me to. While at the derm's office I felt pretty confident with what he was prescribing me, but now after reading some online reviews and the warning pamphlets that came with the drugs I'm rather scared.

This is the regimen prescribed to me:


Take 2 capsules of Minocycline

Wash face with mild soap

Use Clindamycin pledget with an exfoliating lotion


Wash face with mild soap

Apply Pea-sized amount of Retin-A Micro

Take 2 capsules of Minocycline

Maybe this is just me, but that seems like a LOT of antibiotics (Clindamycin and Minocyclin). I'm also rather worried about how photosensitive ALL of these products are. It seems like I'm getting a 4x dose of photosensitivity. This was all prescribed for moderate acne. I don't get huge cystic acne or even scar up that bad, something is telling me this regimen is going to leave my skin ruined. If anyone has tried this or something similiar, let me know. Thank you.

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