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Hi! I started using diluted ACV as a toner because I read about balancing the skin's pH levels to help naturally ward off bacteria, heal, etc. I don't know the exact ratio but I pour a little bit of ACV at a time into filtered water until my pH strip reads about 4. I use this every time after washing with neutrogena ultra gentle daily cleanser to balance out the skin. (The neutrogena has a pH of 7)

I am also using Skin Biology (Diana Yvonne) SA 2% @3.2ph (also called exfol serum) 1-2x a day.

I'm wondering if this is an alright combination? The ACV is supposed to be an exfoliant, but I am uncertain on how strong it is? Will the both of these be too much of an exfoliating effect? Or will they enhance each other?

I ask because I have used the SA since Jan 22 and the vinegar toner since Feb 5. Today I have 3 almost cyst type bumps. Not quite cysts--not the huge, deep extremely painful types, but more inflamed than just a regular surface pimple. They have no heads.

So, I am wondering if the combination is drying my skin out too much (though I am still oily), or is it perhaps becoming too exfoliated and therefore sensitive because of the SA and vinegar. Or is this a purging thing? It's been 10 weeks on the SA and 8 weeks on the vinegar. Should it be past any purging now? or just starting? I am still getting some seeds (pore plugs) coming out in areas.

Any thoughts? Safe to use together and just moisturize more? Cut back on the toner or dilute it more..or cut it out altogether? lol Or treat spots, keep pushing through and it will normalize? My skin/pores are looking clearer and my skin has a bit more glow to it.

Thanks! I always appreciate everyone who takes the time to reply. :)

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Hi :)

I've been using ACV with great results for about 6 months now, so may I can give you some decent info.

Here is my original thread that I made about how I was using the ACV, I don't know what the pH was but the original post explains how I made the toner.

The ACV did a lot of things for my skin, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't affect those deep, red cysts. I get little to no acne anymore but every couple weeks I still get those deep red ones, and they really only respond to icing for me. Maybe try that?

It's entirely a guess on my part, but I would say that the ACV and salycilic acid combo may be a little too rough for your skin. I'd recommend just trying the ACV out for a week or two and see if there's any improvement. While the ACV is an AHA and the salycilic acid is a BHA, both exfoliate your skin chemically and it may be too much.

And as far as purging? Yes you would be done purging by now. Your skin renews in cycles, so key days in which to look at your skin after starting something new are Day 3, Day 10, and Day 30. After one month your skin will have completely renewed itself and you should see changes (if any) from whatever you started. Purging will usually happen between 1-3 weeks after starting something, after that any purging is over.

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Hi! Thanks a bunch! I stopped the ACV for a while and used Olay moisturizer. My skin has calmed down and most of the bumps have left. Those that didn't leave have reduced in size. None came to heads, but a few of the initial ones responded to icing and tea tree oil. They produced seeds or pore plugs. Once those were removed, the bumps went away. I have noticed a LOT of pore plugs coming up since using the ACV. I'm still trying to decide if the combo of SA and acv caused them to surface so quickly that I had some get inflamed..or if I dried out my skin too much using the acv. 99% of every bump I get will produce one of those pore I'm still on a mission to eliminate all clogs.

I'm going to reintroduce the acv again, but not as often. If i continue to have probs, i'm going to assume the acv is just too drying. i may be able to use it in summer and then cut back over winter when my skin gets drier.

I appreciate your input! Thank you!

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I've found that raw acv works really well for the skin. I mixed mine with green tea and water sometimes. I also used to mix raw acv in a bentonite clay mask.

I think using a SA product 1-2 times a week is better than using it everyday. It will just keep stripping away skin and making it more vunerable to bacteria and infection. I only use an bha before I use my clay mask.

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I have been using SA for more than 6 years - has completely made my skin very thin especially in the nose area and some dry spots. I have oily skin but with dry patches, yey; it also did not solve my acne

ACV diluted with water corrected that problem. I have been using ACV toner for 3 months now and had done great deal of making my skin more supple and faded some hyperpigmentation. It heals acne but as one poster also said did nothing for my cystic acne.

AM/PM Skin Care Routine

Facial Wash - Raw and Organic Honey or Andalou Naturals Clarifying Facial Wash

Toner - Witch Hazel extract or Andalou Naturals Clarifying Toner

Moisturizer - Sunflower Oil

Twice a week Aztec Bentonite Clay Mask


Zinc Gluconate or Chelated Zinc (Solgar) - 22/25 mg twice a day

Chromium Polynicotinate GTF - 200mcg - twice a day - helps with weight loss and insulin sensitivity

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