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Sprio Working..acne Changing?

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Hi Everyone,

I started taking Spiro almost 2 months ago for some hormonal non cystic mostly inflammatory pastules and pustule acne. The Dermo immediately started me on 100 mgs in the morning. Its almost been 2 months and I'm starting to see the results. During the first 4-6 weeks I broke up TERRIBLY on my chin ( where I was already bad) and also, on my cheeks almost where a man's beard would start. Each side of my face was symmetric and my forehead and Tzone stayed completely clear.

This past week, I noticed that my skin was improving.. i'm still breaking out but the acne has CHANGED.. for the better I suppose. I'm not breaking out with inflamed pustules anymore.. now I have several small small whiteheads that pop up and go away in a day. Also, I'm noticing that when a small one does start to form, it comes to a head much quicker than they used to.

I'd like to attribute this to the Spriro working and I was hoping that someone had a similar experience? Like I said im not magically clear in these 2 months, but it looks like im on my way and hopefully by month 3 and 4 i'll be ok!

I appreciate the responses

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