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Dermarolling And Sensitive Skin

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i just starte dermarolling with a 1.0mm needle for about 2 months now. I just want to get a little feedback from people who have done dermarolling since im having some issue with my skin.

I only derma roll once every 2 weeks as suggested on Sarah Vaughter website. But after the third day of dermarolling i notices my skin is flaky, peel and really dry. I dont apply any product on the first 2 day after dermarolling because i want it to heal on it own. So i just want to know is this normal ? What is causing my skin to peel and be flaky? And how do i prevent it?

Also i have been using my dermaroller on my stretchmark, I have seen a major improvement since i first used it but i also notices that the area around where i did my dermarolling is getting darker then the other part on skin. Is that normal? What is the cause of it and how do i prevent it from getting darker?

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