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Skin Texture And African Black Soap/shea Butter

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So my skin is really rough looking and beat I really want to clear up my skin. It's frustrating because my nose and my face have this sandpapery grainy roughness and I'm just looking to clear up my skin. I heard African black soap is a fantastic regimen and shea butter works wonders. I also have hyper pigmentation and some white heads and black heads. Anyways if anyone could suggest some products that I could get from shoppers drug mart or Safeway or recall ( I live in Canada ) or online that could help 1. Clear up my skin so its nice, soft and smooth and remove the grainy sandpapery greasy feeling of my skin. 2. Even out my skin tone and rid me of my hyper pigmentation. 3. Get rid of the dark circles under my eyes. I am an African American male so I'm not sure if that would influence what products are recommended for me or not. It's just been so frustrating I just want my skin to be nice. Sorry to sound like I'm complaining.

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