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Mix Aha With Vit C?

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I have been adding ascorbic acid powder (vitamin c) to my moisturizer every night for several months and the results have been great. I just ordered Dan's AHA lotion and was planning to do a mix of half AHA and half moisturizer plus the pinch of the vitamin c powder that I usually do. I would do this routine every night (I read under the product details to do half moisturizer, half AHA if you want to use it nightly).

Is there any reason that I shouldn't mix vitamin c with AHA? I plan to start out very slowly so I don't get irritated. Are there any issues with changing the pH of the AHA and messing with the effectiveness because of that? I saw under the product details that it specified that the AHA lotion has a pH of 4 so I don't know if there is a specific reason for that.


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