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Retin A For Pores On Nose- Continue Using? Please Help

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Okay so just recently I have developed an issue with blackheads and open pores on my nose. It wasn't until I started trying to prevent this issue with the Biore pore strips that it became a problem which led to even bigger problems when I began washing, using more products, etc. I think that these things made me more oily and now I have blackheads and open pores on my nose. So, I was told my cousin who used to work for a dermatologist that I could use Retin A (Tretinoin) to help shrink or seal these pores over time. I have been using the Retin A for about a month now and my nose is still crazy oily and I still have the enlarged pores. It doesn't dry out my nose at all because when I wake up my nose is a complete oil slick. However, it does peel so I guess this gives me some indication that the Retin A is doing its job. Should I keep using this Retin A in hopes that over time it will keep sloughing off skin until it reveals smooth poreless skin underneath or should I give up? Please reply if you have had success in pore reduction from Retin A and how long it takes or have any other solutions. I am desperate and feel like Retin A is my only hope for my pores on my nose.. :(

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