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Folliculitis? Need Help And Advice

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So heres the story, Im now 23, skinny, white male. Ive had acne since a teen and went on docycycline for about a year which barely worked after a month and when I stopped using it my back got really bad. So I went on accutane which was great and cured all my acne, however a few months after I started to get a few small pimples on my scalp which I never used to get and now its worse and gets really itchy. So anyway, I started using T/Gel for my scalp which kind of worked but pretty sure the coal tar aggrivated it and made it worse, I visited my doctor and he put me on antibiotics for staph infection called Flucloxacillin. This didnt really do anything however I was still using the coal tar shampoo so this could have made it not work, who knows.

So I started using Selsun Blue shampoo which made an improvement however after playing some tennis and sweating I started to get small red lumps on my back, shoulders etc with tiny whiteheads and Its moved to my chest aswell where I have a few tiny red lumps.

My scalp has been the worse but Im freaking out because I dont want it to get severe so that my hair falls out because I will literally never leave my home.

So I did research and thought maybe it could be fungal Malassezia (pityrosporum) folliculitis. He took a swab and told me to try Nizoral shampoo, I havent heard back about the swab yet, (Hes pretty useless & expensive) and the Nizoral made my scalp worse! It now feels warm when I hold my hand over it and tingles a bit. Does anyone have a clue what could be going on here? My scalp gets really itchy, it doesnt really hurt. The best treatments Ive found so far are Selsun Blue & 100% Tea Tree oil. But i really want to fix it before it gets worse. Also, when I was younger I had staph infection in my nose which caused me to get boils on my butt, and my nose has been really stuffy, runny and weird so im thinking could this be related to my problem? maybe I should get a swab done of it? Does anyone have any suggestions, not home remedies like placing an egg on my head either... just direct me in the right direction so I can get a better idea of what this could be......

The attached photos arent mine but can give you an idea of what the spots look like....






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