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Is The Regimen Working?

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Hi guys,

I'm 20 and I've had moderate acne for about 7 years now. I'm desperately sticking with the regimen for about 2 months and three weeks now and my skin is definitely no looking better, worse, it makes me breakout on a daily basis and tends to make my scars from previous breakouts even more visible/red. Plus I also starded to have inflamated pimples on my neck and jawline where I never ever had some there before...My skinis still flaky, itchy and covered with scars as well.

I'm seriously starting to lose faith in the regimen even though I was super excited about it and srticly followed it to the letter(and still keep at it!).

Do you guys believe that I should give it some more time or just give up? Like almost everyone on this forum claims that it at least got a little bit better once the 2 months or so mark reached...Well not me!!

It's a pain in the ass no to see any improvement whereas I spend like 2 hours each day putting all these harsh chemicals on my face.

I'm just desperate, makes me more depressed everyday (note that it should be the opposite). My self-esteem reached its lowest level.

I'm well conscious that there are way more challenging diseases in life but I think that I missed the most beautiful years of my life because of that.

If someone has any feedback or lived through a similar experience, feel free to share it with me. I think I'd need it.


ps: sorry about my english Im not american.

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Well lets get this straight first of all - your English is perfect! :)

Now if you're following the regimen steps perfectly then I agree, you must be feeling so disappointed right now about not getting better results after 2 months.

I do know that everyone is different and many people who have more severe acne and or cystic acne find that that achieving results takes a while and two months without result is not uncommon. I feel for you, because I know its awful reaching that point when you start to question whether its all worth it.

But let me ask you this, what do you have to gain by stopping the regimen? You've come so far and that turning point can't be too far away.

Out of interest, are you using products? And are you positive that there hasn't been any improvement? eg, have you taken progress photos, because sometimes we are the worse judges when it comes to our own skin.

But regardless of any of this, I feel your frustration and I know many regimen followers on the boards will understand what you're going through. ermm.gif

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After remaining clear for around 1.5 years following DKR (The Regimen), in March 2013 I decided to change to Epiduo. I use a pea size amount of epiduo each night, followed by a layer of topical antibiotic (Eryacne). I also apply Eryacne every morning and moisturise twice a day. After switching to Epiduo from the regimen I found that it took a good 3 months to get back to being perfectly clear again and now I might get one small pimple appear per month. I can live with that

I started following Dan's Regimen in September 2011 after suffering with acne for 20 years or so. I followed the Regimen instructions exactly and became 100% clear within 9-11 weeks. In December 2011 and after being consistently clear for over a month, I started to slowly reduce the amount of BP I used until I was only applying BP at night. My skin still remained clear however I sometimes switched to applying BP twice a day for a few days (perhaps once a month) if I felt a few under skin bumps starting to come up. I used products (including AHA and jojoba oil) and sometimes cetaphil moisturiser at night if I felt my skin was especially dry. In the gallery I show my week by week progress following the regimen.

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I've watched quite a few vlogs that documented progress with the regimen. I saw more than one where the person was still breaking out pretty badly at 2 months and ended up with clear, beautiful skin at 3 or 4 months. I'd stick it out 4 months at least to see how you do. Otherwise you might be quitting right before you get clear.

Current Skin-Care Regimen (A work in progress):


Gentle wash with DKR cleanser

Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% (Following Dan's Regimen)

DKR Lotion + A squirt of Argan or Grapeseed oil (The lotion alone wasn't hydrating enough)

Skin 79 Korean BB Cream (excellent stuff)


Gentle Wash with DKR Cleanser

Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% (Following Dan's Regimen)

DKR Lotion + A squirt of Argan or Grapeseed oil

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Hey Bugnhaut,

First off, congratulations on sticking to the regiment for 2+ months. You did good, and im pretty sure that if you showing such determination you'll find something to clear your acne.

Now I've tried the "the regiment" for a short while and saw some pleasant results. (actually I was bit surprised) But, it doesn't surprise me that you've experienced the total opposite. Quite frankly, I hear of such polar opposites all the time when im out reading the forums.

The bottom line is this:

If it's not working - drop it. I mean it. Stop wasting your time. The regiment is a great product and ive seen some pleasant results while using it... But if it's not working for you.. Then don't do it. Plain and simple. With my acne, ive tried dozens of products that just didn't do anything for me until I found a regiment that works for my skin.

Now, What worked for me, wont necessarily work for anyone else and vice-versa. We are all different. That's just how our bodies are rolleyes.gif

My advice: Stop using the The Regiment and move on.

Only a crazy man would do the same thing over and over again just to get results that aren't in his favor. 2 months is long enough. (I usually only test for 21 days) There might be something else out there that would do more for you.

Good luck.

The King of Acne

Study of tea Tree Oils from 1965

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Thanks guys for your comments! AyeAye, yeah I'm only using's products and I am absolutely positive regarding my progress: there is not!eusa_think.gif

You're totally right on the fact that I do not have anything to lose by keeping at it, or maybe just my nerves...But still my skin stings so bad like even if I'm laughing a lil bit that causes me to instantly peel off! I've never been so uncomfortable showing myself in public, especially in the sunlight...WHICH SUCKS!

I feel like my skin does not get used to the BP at all.

When did you personally stop to peel and feel the itchyness/redness of the treatment?

Thanks alot once again!

Wow, the King of acne, I was writting a post when you posted yours... Well, this is actually the perfect exemple of the 'polar opposite' you're talking about. People told me to give a 4 months trial and you suggest me to drop it. That is confusing. Can I ask you what worked for you?

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Of Course,

When I first started clearing my acne, like most of us, I started with proactiv.

No good for me - didn't work.

I used it for about half a year off-and-on and had little results. Which sucked. But my mother kept buying it for my sisters and I decided to use it because it was already there. Bad Mistake. So I basically wasted my sisters proactives for months on end until I started to move on to experimenting with essential oils.

Which worked to some extent.. but by god.. was very expensive. Too expensive for me anyways. At least to be mixing them the way I do now.

Anyway, for a long while I spent time trying product after product and a good majority of them worked for the most part (on my face). Where I had the most trouble we're the dark spots that lined the T-zone area of my back. I wanted to get rid of those nasty things the most.

Now, after reading soo much acne diet books (some of which we're bolonga) others we're ok at best.. I have my own regiment mixing essential oil treatments with the occasional toxin free anti-acne scrub + eating right (im HALF vegan now)

Well thats my hundred page journey shortened to a post.

- Wishing you the best.

Study of tea Tree Oils from 1965

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