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Starting Accutane Today!

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I'm 43 years old, have always had to deal with breakouts, some periods of my life worse than others. My skin seemed to get worse as I got older.

I moved and changed jobs about 10 months ago, and my skin just went crazy! Horrible cystic acne, inflamed, erupting, oozing - I was embarrassed to leave my house or meet new people.

My current dermatologist put me on spirolactone and doxycycline with topical clindamyacin/retin-a. I had trouble taking the doxycycline due to stomach upset, and although the spiro helped regulate my oily skin - and I didn't have to wash my hair every day - break-outs weren't effected.

My derm originally prescribed accutane last october, but I chickened out and didn't take. My skin got so bad that I asked to start accutane this Spring. During the one month waiting period, I was meticulous with my skin care, added omega3-6-9 supplements and started taking the doxycycline 100 mg every day. My skin looks better than in has in months - I've maybe had one break out in the past 3 1/2 weeks, although skin still looks bad due to scars and old blemishes that have yet to heal. However, my derm and I decided to go ahead with the accutane, hoping that I can be done with all of this once and for all.

I am 5'5", weigh 125 and started on 20mg accutane this afternoon.

I'm scared to death of a bad initial break-out. If it's going to happen, how soon will it happen,

Also, we are going to the beach this weekend. I know I have to be careful in the sun, and plan to wear sunscreen and a hat. Will my arms and legs burn, too?

Here's my before pics - sad thing is, this is good for me




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