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Accutane Journey: Day 6!

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I think the dry lips might have started this morning. I’ve been using my Aquaphor Healing Ointment everyday to try to stay ahead of the dry lips – I heard that sometimes that’s the worst part about the Accutane experience, so I’m trying to keep my lips as moist as possible to avoid the crazy dryness. But, I seem to have a lot of dryness in my throat. I feel like I have super bad breath too. Gross. Water is really my best friend right now.

I stay up on my moisturizer too so my skin doesn’t dry out too bad there, either. I had been using Cetaphil sensitive skin moisturizer, but today I picked up Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer and am going to give that a go and see how well that works for my skin. I may pick up their toner whenever I run out of the Neutrogena Pore Minimizer toner I’m using right now. The Neutrogena toner is a little harsh on the skin, but I picked up because it has glycolic acid in it. Not sure if that’s done much for my skin, though.

I haven’t noticed any major breakouts since I started Accutane last week, but I will take pictures again on day 8 so that I’m staying up on the weekly pictures for this blog.

What products do you guys use to help treat your acne? Anyone have suggestions on which products to use while on Accutane?

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