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What's The Cause Of My Acne?

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I was wondering what really is the root cause of my acne. I actually have some feeling that it's because of stress. Ok, so here's the story.

Last October to December 2012, I was using this whitening soap and cream and its effect on my skin is really wonderful. It made my face glowing and free from pimples. I used those products everyday. But in the 3rd week of December, I was really really sick. Like for 1 week straight I was just staying at home and having some rest. During that time I noticed that my face became really oily. On the last week of December, some whiteheads appeared on my cheeks on the 1st week of January, that was the time that I feel like I'm the ugliest person alive!! Like, I have lots of pimples on my face and they were appearing in groups. So for 3 months I used soaps, creams and anything that could solve my problem but it seems that I will never find the solution to my problem. So I just used some sulfur soap. Specifically, Dr. Kaufmann sulfur soap. It's not that effective but compared to other products it controlled by pimples somehow. So what do you think? What really is the cause of my acne? Please help me guys!

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