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Amazing High Street Foundation!

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Thanks for the tips. I have been moisturising and applying Rimmel primer the last few days but I've gone back to my bare minerals powder which seems to hold with the primer. My needs change depending on the acne and treatments. The liquid just doesn't seem to sit right on my skin, I need to trial and error it a bit more but I don't want to do that at work. Plus my face isn't as red now so needs less coverage, even tho I'm getting lots of cystic acne and my whole face hurts like hell - lovely! I'm glad your skin is clearing, I'm intrigued by the vitamin D- i have googled a bit but it says there's no link between them? Living in England we definitely don't get enough sun! I don't want to ask my GP as I think he already thinks I'm a hypercondriac lol and to get a high enough dose OTC I'd need to take about 5 tables a day!

The cystic acne is so horrible! I used to get it loads on my jawline and cheeks, and just resting my head in my hands used to be painful. So depressing! :-(

As for the vit D, there aren't any proven links I don't think, but basically my acne is related to polycystic ovaries, and it's a common finding for people with PCOS to have vit D deficiency, and acne goes hand in hand with PCOS. I had started taking vit D on the recommendation of my endocrinologist and my acne cleared up. Then I stopped taking it and my acne came back- now I'm back on it and its going away! Plus vit D is a hormone, and considering acne is hormone related i am sure that's got to do with why Vit D helps a lot of people. Im guessing you dont have PCOS but whatever the cause of your acne, i know with most people it generally boils down to hormones one way or another. There are lots of posts on this site about vit D and how it has helped people- and some who it hasn't helped, but I'd definitely say its worth a shot for you to see if it helps. Vit d can only do you good!

I avoid my doctors too though for the same reason- I think they think half my problems are in my head! So I just put myself on double the daily dose and that has helped. You can get the tablets in health food shops.

I tried out a primer yesterday- Perfect Blur by Garnier. It's just been launched. It's their version of Nanoblur, and is designed to even out imperfections, wrinkles, pores etc etc. I don't have many open pores myself but I was thinking that it could be really good for filling them in. I put a review with a pic of the effects on my blog.

Have been told off for posting links to it on here, but i think the blog is still mentioned somewhere in previous posts!

Hopefully your skin will continue to settle down and you will get on better with that foundation.

I really do feel sorry for us acne sufferers! It's such a bloody effort! People with perfect skin just don't know how lucky they are!

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