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First of all i'd like to say that although this is my first post here I've been following these forums for probably a 2-3 years now. I'm a 22 year old male. Some sort of acne has run in the family as all of my 3 sisters have had some problems with it when they were teens (not much or nothing at all anymore). My situation is pretty good at the moment. I started out as a teen with some harsh bp and antibiotics and didn't really have a proper moisturizer. As i got a bit older the situation got better as well. Anyway at the moment I am pretty much free from pimples but i still have tiny blackheads all over my forehead which you can only see f you look really closely. I can also squeeze an endless amount from my nose but i've lost hope for that.

So basically at the moment I am left with some light scarring or hyperpigmentation, tiny blackheads on the forehead, blackheads on my nose and right below my eyes on both sides of my nose in the upper cheeks. Last spring i started using Paula's Choice 2% bha gel which actually made a huge difference. Lessened pimples and blackheads while making my overall complexion much better and even reducing old marks. I still use it but i don't see it getting any better so i ordered the 8% aha. I've now been using the bha in the morning and aha in the evening for about 2 months. At first i broke out but now at least my girlfriend says that she sees an improvement. It guess it has gotten rid of some small bumps or brought up some blackheads to the surface but i still feel like it's not going to be enough.

Does anyone have any tips on how to proceed from here? Do i just continue using bha and aha for a longer time and hope that it will eventually get it all? I read about some home peels like 40% lactic peel or a salicylic peel. I was considering the lactic peel because i read it isn't as harsh and would also battle the hyperpigmentation. What do you think or recommend?

At the moment I wash with Sebamed cleansing foam and use 2%pc bha in the morning, 8% pc aha in the evening and i moisturize with Vichy normaderm anti imperfection hydrating gel. I feel i've gotten pretty far already I just want to know if there is still something I can do.

Thanks and sorry for the illogical structure of the message i just wrote what came to my mind!

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