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I think it can, but again, it depends on the individual.

Also, are you talking about weed or cigs?

I have friends who smoke weed - some have clear skin (doesn't matter if they are smoking or not), and others have noticed it makes it much worse. My one friend has moderate acne, and has noticed his skin clears up when smoking weed. lol go figure.

As for cigarettes, I used to smoke, and have friends who smoke cigarettes. I and the rest have noticed better skin when quitting cigarettes.

So in summary, for weed, I have seen more variation. For cigarettes, it's a definate no for all of my friends and I.


Plus.. cigarettes I think are just more toxic than weed. And no I am not a pothead... I do not smoke weed.

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It can for some people. I have a friend who smokes very infrequently but it will give her some pimples when she does.

I'm a smoker and it hasn't changed my acne in any way, bad habit though, I need to quit!

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