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Red Skin 1 Week Into Accutane?

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This is my first post here and I apologies if i am asking something which has been asked numerous times before and I'm just being lazy not searching for it but...

I have started Accutane (RoAccutane here in the UK) and im curious to ask if my pretty quick side effects are normal or if I have taken some kind of bad reaction to the tablets. I am on 60mg a day (3 tablets).

I have started to take RoAccutane and have been in it for 10 days. I have been getting quite dry lips and dry skin which I expected and are normal side effects. The side effect i am querying is that I am getting really quite red skin to the point where my colleagues and friends are noticing it and asking me if i am okay.

My skin feels very hot as if sun burnt, and i can assure you here in scotland we have absolutely no sun !!

I remember taking a subscribed gel called Benzyl Poroxide (or something close to this) which after applying made my skin extremely red and inflamed and sore to touch. My doctor took me off this. I am feeling similar to when i took the gel right now with accutane and am worried its a side effect similar to this one?

Also is it normal to still get the "whitehead" spots that are full of puss?

Sorry for long post and i do hope somebody can shed some light !!!

Many Thanks,


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