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Affordable Treatment For Acne Marks?

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I've been prescribed tetracycline (4 pills per day) and Retin-A (.025) by my doctor, and I've been using the Obagi CLENZIderm daily care foaming cleanser (2%) and the therapeutic lotion (5%) - which has been given to me by my dermatologist. I'm only allowed to use the lotion in the morning and as a spot treatment, because I'm told it would be too aggressive on my skin if I used to with my Retin-A at night.

According to my friends and family, my acne has been clearing, but I haven't really noticed anything. Probably because I'm drawn to all the red marks on my chin and cheeks that are left behind from old acne. I would really like to know some effective ways of getting rid of these marks, however most of the effective ways seem to be a little.. pricey - or they're not sold in Canada.

I'm open to drugstore products, or natural remedies (but the ones I've used haven't done much in the way of working for me).

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