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Biophora Glycolic Facial/peel And Diamond Facial (Hydrafacial)

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Not sure if this is the right spot to post this in the forums but wanted your opinions.

Suffered from a random bout of cystic acne 2 years back - went on antibiotics (oral and topical) which controlled the acne after a few months but of course the damage was done. I have indented scars on both cheeks as a result and slightly reddish marks. Got v-beam sessions done 2 years back as well which probably helped the redness (but not my bank account!).

Anyway so now I'm considering getting the following done as suggested by a well known aesthetician. She has said after doing 2 sessions of each facial i should see a 70% improvement in my skin. The facials are:

- Biophora Glycolic Facial/Peel

- Diamond Facial (Hydrafacial)

Currently my skin regime only includes washing my face twice a day with a mild over the counter gel face wash (Spectrogel) and applying jojoba oil at night and oil of olay with SPF moisturizing cream during the day.

My concern is - will these facials work or will they cause more damage? My skin is super sensitive and am scared to try something new but would love to at least improve skin texture and tone if possible. If anyone could provide me with feedback/suggestions that would be great.

Thanks in advance!

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