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Concealer And Pih

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Interesting observation!

I always wear concealer to cover my PIH. I stopped breaking out about 2 months ago (by the grace of Almighty God and birth control!) but I have pale skin and very noticeable red marks from about 5 months of being very broken out. Concealer covers them up completely, but I hate having to wear it.

This week is spring break, I'm just hanging with my best friends and spending a lot of time outside having fun, so I decided to say screw it to my makeup and I've been going barefaced... in the past week, my red marks have faded more than in the past 2 months since I got clear!

Why is this? Does concealer somehow prevent PIH from healing?

I use Maybelline 24 hour something concealer. No foundation because I hate makeup, don't have to use much, and I'm pretty good at blending out the concealer to look natural.

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Have you maybe caught some sun on your face? It might be that you have caught some colour and your marks look less visible?

That's the only thing I can think of really, as in general, sun exposure slows down cell renewal and that's why too much sun causes it doesn't make much sense from that angle!

But whatever the case, I think skin is healthier without makeup, so maybe it was just a case of healthier skin, quicker improvements?!

An interesting post either way!

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