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I'm really looking forward to clear skin, assuming isotretinoin will work! I've suffered from acne for about 7 years. It doesn't really affect my confidence or anything, but let's be honest. It's just not attractive and people judge!

Things I have tried that didn't work:

  • Topicals (Duac, Differin, Epiduo, BenzaClin, Retin A)
  • Antibiotics (Tetracycline, Doxycyline, Minocycline)
  • Various face washes: salicylic acid, Proactive, etc.
  • Bio Oil, Jojoba Oil
  • Chemical peels
  • Dairy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • No masturbation
  • Vitamin A, B, D, E
  • Probiotic w/ fiber
  • Zinc
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Tons of other products and random regimes

I'm so tired of wasting my money.

If I could guess what causes my acne, it's stress. During school breaks, my skin is actually pretty clear. I didn't break out at all over Spring Break, which was just last week. As soon as I got back to college, my skin started getting really oily again. I haven't noticed new acne, but it's bound to happen soon. I can't really avoid stress. I'm a Pre-Med at a fairly cutthroat school, so it is what it is. That said, I better have perfect skin by the time med school interview season comes along! My second guess would be some kind of hormonal imbalance. I think I have really high testosterone or something. I'm constantly horny, pretty aggressive, and put on muscle very easily. I've never gotten tested though, so who really knows? I've actually tried some supplementation to block test conversion to DHT, but not for very long.

Getting isotretinoin (I'm using Absorica) was quite difficult. I had to go through 3 different dermatologists who kept me on creams and useless pills for years until I found one who actually listened to me when I said I've gotta have it!

My doctor got me started on 40mg/day for now. I feel like it's kind of a low dose for me, so I can't wait until we raise it.

Hygiene products:

  • Cerave Hydrating Cleanser
  • Cerave Daily Facial Moisturizer AM SPF30
  • Aveeno Positively Nourishing Hydrating Body Wash
  • Aquaphor

In addition, I lift weights religiously, so here are some supplements I will not give up unless I am certain they are causing an issue. My dermatologist said they'd be fine, but not to try to break any Olympic records with the whole effect regarding weakened joints.

  • Whey Protein
  • Creatine
  • Fish Oil

For my log, I promise to post pics every month. Logs here and YouTube reviews were very helpful in researching the treatment. The side effects are a little scary, but most people seem to have a positive experience and absolutely nothing else has worked for me. Also, #YOLO. I definitely don't feel like writing every day, so I'll only do so if something interesting happens like my lips start drying out or I start having psychotic episodes! tongue.png In addition, I plan on gaining about 20lbs, so I might get a little chubby!

When I was going through puberty years ago, my acne was all on my forehead. Now, I could practically rub a pizza on my forehead and wouldn't break out. It's moved down to my cheeks, jawline, and chin mostly. I get minor spots on my chest from to time and also have some on my left upper back. Yes, only the left side for some reason. I'm not flexible enough to actually wrap my arm around to get a picture there, so you'll just have to take my word for it!

Here goes nothing!



Month 1




May as well do an update on what has happened so far. Nothing at all yet! I don't seem to be getting that initial breakout. In addition, my lips haven't dried and I'm still producing a ton of oil. Like I mentioned, I think my dose is a bit low. From what I know in my experimentation with supplements, I usually need the max dose! Hmm, we'll see for now. I'm probably just being impatient.

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congrats on the med school thing. Which school are you going to btw?


Thank you very much! I currently attend the University of Virginia!

Anyway, I think a few things have happened.


I've just finished my first 10-pack of pills.

I've gotten a few new spots, but nothing out of the ordinary. Seems like the typical acne I would get pre-isotret, so no big deal. I hope this means there's no dreaded IB for me!

On the other hand, my lips are horrible! Creatine dries out my lips on its own, so stacking it with these pills seems to be especially bad for them. Aquaphor is helping a bit, but the bottom half of my bottom lip remains cracked and painful. I would like to think I'm drinking enough water, considering I have to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes or so!

As for my weightlifting and exercise, I seem to be getting a bit more sore than usual. My muscles are often able to completely recover in 48hrs after a strenuous lift, but I'm finding it's taking a little longer now for my back and shoulders. My neck seems to feel extra stiff from looking down at my laptop too.

Besides the lips, most of the side effects seem very minor overall. I'm definitely seeing a reduction in oil production. I usually have to blot my face with pads 4x a day, but now am able to make it through without doing it at all! I have 3 exams this upcoming week, so I am definitely stressing out. My skin would normally be freaking out at a time like this, producing a stupid amount of oil. For now, I would describe it as somewhere between normal and dry. It's truly amazing!

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Hi all! Long time no see. I'm quite late with this monthly update, so I apologize.

Month 2


My first month went just fine. In that whole time, I've had about 2 random nosebleeds and 1 day where my scalp was just unbearably itchy. Considering my derm just doubled my dose to 80mg/day, I hope the side effects won't be too bad!

I've decided I'm going to upload all of my images from now on to an imgur album for your viewing pleasure: http://imgur.com/a/g9AY1#4

I'm pretty satisfied with the results after only 1 month with a low dose of 40mg. My skin definitely looks a lot less angrier. This is pretty funny because I'm gaining weight as well, so you can totally see my face rounding out. Check out these pictures of my cheeks in particular. Lighting is different but you get the idea:

In addition, although the Month 1 image of my chest doesn't properly illustrate how bad it was in that area, I can confirm it has much improved since!
Rubbing my face, it already feels completely smooth. Time for this miracle pill to even out the skin tone I guess!
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Does accutane helps healing the red marks ? I am now on week three. Still have acnes and some cysts . How about acne scar will it fade with accutane ?

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Was following your progress and wondering how the last two months of your treatment are progressing? It looked it was going very well and so I hope that you will continue to update with photos...

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