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Masturbation & Acne

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Hey all.

I'm not sure if this is the best place for this thread, but lets go anyway.

Before I start, I want to say I can understand this topic being crindgy, and a bit strange but I think it's a valid topic, and one worth discussing. Most men, and maybe the same can be said for women? But yeah most people masturbate in my opinion, men especially, I'd know, it's normal, just like anything else.

I'll admit recently after splitting up with my girlfriend some months ago, I have been addicted to internet porn, it's like a drug, knowing there is an infinite source of porn on the internet makes it all too tempting, and why not? It feels pretty damn good, and you 'want' to do it, so why not? After all, it's human nature.

Well recently I randomly decided to stop, and I have stopped for a week now, I'll admit it's hard, especially for me, in the situation I'm in, I'm not getting a lot of female attention, not because of my acne or looks, I'm fine in that department (70k instagram followers based on pictures of me,) but I don't get the change to go out so much and I'm a bit depressed about my ex.

The weird thing is, for the past week I have only been using AHA+ at night, and during the day, a fake tan moisturiser that is not intended for problem skin, and guess what, I'm not breaking out!

Okay, I get a few clogged pores and stuff, especially on my chin, but usually by now I would be having some bad breakouts, not using BP, so this in the only thing that it could me.

It's still very hard, as I'm typing I have this urge to just 'google' it, but I'll resist it, after some thinking about it I guess it;s not all that bad, it's when you start doing it too much, occupy your time and don't end up alone in a room with a computer and internet connection when your bored.

I would defiantly recommend anyone with acne that masturbated, which will be most of you to be honest, try stopping for a week and see what happens, not only might your acne calm down, but there is also many other benefits too!

Best wishes


New Regimen!

Morning: 2 pumps Dan's cleanser in the shower, and "Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Hydrating Care" to moisturize, works to get me through the day without dry skin, but doesn't show, it's like there's nothing on my face, it's matt and doesn't shine.


Night: 2/3 pumps Dan's cleaner in the shower, using the cleanser to shave with a 2 blade generic razor, end segment finger's worth of Dan's BP, 2 pumps Dan's moisturizer with 6 drops generic, organic jojoba oil.

Sometimes just Dan's AHA+, or the usual application of Dan's BP with AHA+ on top if I'm feeling hardcore.


1 generic multivitamin, 30mg Zinc if the multivitamin doesn't contain it, 1/2 odorless garlic capsules, 2/3 EyeQ capsules (omega 3, 6, evening primrose oil,)

Have been on lots of different prescriptions, most successful was oxytetracycline.

New regimen!

Dove summer glow morning

AHA+ ( night!

Awaiting 20% salicylic acid gel in post for chin and nose.

Acne isn't returning after almost 2 years on the regimen

Looking for treatments for oily skin however, I have that really bad

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