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Red Bumps

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I have been dealing with adult acne for almost 7 years and over the past two months something new has happened. My upper cheek next to my eye had a red bump. it never come to a white head. I have tried popping them but nothing. I thought it was either a pimple or a cyst but I don’t think it was. After about a week it went down. However I ended up with one on my cheek last week and another 1 on the same spot near my eye on my upper cheek again. I am curious what it may be. Maybe over drying from differin (I use epiduo for spot treatment as BP has become harsh for my skin) and sumadin for a face wash?

Any ideas?

as an edit: I thought it might be hives or something but i dont see it lasting a few days if it was.

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could u upload a pic?

Itchy red raised skin - dermatitis??

huge pores

indented scar

oils used for cooking

inflamed whiteheads & clogged pores

my balanced diet chart and skincare routine(medications taken & products used now)

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