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Could One Of The Veterans Link Me To A Post Comparing Treatments?

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I'm sorry to ask and I'm looking through the boards/reviews on people's there a pinned thread on pain, cost, and necessity based on type and depth of scar/acne history?

I have relatively shallow scars all over (rolling) and a few deep icepick ones. Right now I have serious hyperpigmentation due to aldactone and laser hair removal (which has worsened the acne). I am still struggling with cystic acne. I get that any specialized laser is obviously going to be more expensive than a simple physical treatment like professional dermarolling.

But I'm still unclear on who would be a good candidate for laser resurfacing or, say, the difference between mixto and co2 non-ablative (unless one is like the other), or who would be a candidate for microdermabrasion versus grafting. Someone in the review for CO2 said the discoloration/scars returned.

...At this point I no longer think doctors are the best sources of info--half of them have no idea what the hell they're talking about (how can they? They don't predict side effects or unexpected consequences, they just want to sell treatments).

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