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Please Need Help, I Mean It Seriously

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so i have a basic doubt regarding acne ,

i just have little scars here and there in my face

so i wanted to actually try out the lemon thing and kept it for 15 min or so and then wash it off

so what i wanted to ask was

1.will it clear my scars frequently should i do it

3.i have some pigmentation on my skin just little,i would like to remove it and probably get two shades lighter will it do it

4.people say if u put lemon ur skin will get sensitive to sunlight but i do not understand how if anyone can explain that would be great

ya i know that was really a long one but i really need help i live in INDIA so its always hot here and i would seriously like to get two shades lighter and no scars and clear skin ,probably i dnot have that much of acne but here and there with some pigmentation makes it bad.

this seriously means a lot to me

people keep saying bad things about me and i hate to be a loser in front of my friends so if anyone could help i would be seriously so happy ,i mean it.

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Lemon juice may help with the red marks left by acne. It's an acid so it will mildly eat away at the skin. Wear some sunblock while you're in the sun. This will help with the pigmentation issue because sun makes scars worse. You really should use sunblock if you're using any kind of mild acid on your face.

Have you tried using a potato for the red marks? I heard it can help.

How to use the potato for pigmentation issues;

Get a raw potato and slice very thin pieces.

Put the raw potato slices on your scars, dark circles under eyes, dark elbows/ knees and dark armpits. Leave it on the dark areas for 30 minutes two times a day.

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go to a dermatologist. seriously. or a natural medicine doctor. you need to fight inner and outer factors of acne infection! and all these vegetable bits have loads of pesticides ! even organic potatos are full of it!!!

lemon can seriously inflame your skin. you should rather drink it with water for detox every morning and careful with non organic lemon skin!!!

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