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Bp & Sulfur. What Are Your Experiences?

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Helllo again, everyone!

I've been using the DKR for about, hm...four years now? I love the BP because it really works for the majority of my face. However, I've always had problems with my oily, bumpy nose and it's starting to really annoy the crap out of me. I'll sit in the mirror and attempt to pop all of my nose zits, and they literally come back the next day! I've developed small white heads around the folds of my nose, on my bridge, and almost actually inside my nostril. Obviously the BP just isn't working on my nose for some reason, and it seems like nothing will. I use a toner, facial wipes, and BP day and night, the AHA in the morning, exfoliate once a week, and use masks once to twice a week. These pimples will not BUDGE! Anyways, I'm looking online for alternative treatments I can use exclusively for my nose while I continue regular use with BP. I've heard great things about sulfur and I'm looking to give it a try. What are your experiences? I've also heard sulfur works well to repair damaged skin (dark spots, wrinkles) Is that true? If so, my life will be happy.

Thanks! biggrin.png

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My Regimen!

Yes-to-Cucumbers/Yes-to-Grapefruit wipes [1],

Wash face with DKR cleanser [1 pump],

L'oreal Toner [1 Cotton Round],

Wait 10 minutes, apply BP [1 1/2 pump]
After BP dries, apply AHA+ [index finger length],

Apply DKR moisturizer[2 pumps],

(Every two days) Exfoliate with St. Ives Apricot Scrub

Dot any existing blemishes with BP/AHA


Yes-to-Cucumbers/ Yes-to-Grapefruit wipes [1],

Wash face with DKR cleanser [2 pumps],

L'oreal Toner [1 Cotton Round],

Wait 10 minutes, apply BP [3 pumps]

-Extra Treatment:
Clinique Eye Treatment,

Clinique Repairwear Serum,

Principal Secret Anti-Aging Lotion,

Freeman Chocolate & Strawberry Mask

Status as of March 2013: No active pimples, few healing.

A glass can only spill what it contains.

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I love sulfur for acne!! It works great but sometimes you can have an initial breakout from it two weeks into using it. You should noticed results with sulfur acne topical treatment in one month.

Sulfur does make the skin peel. My skin tone is much more even toned from using sulfur, not perfect but much better.

I recommend de la Cruz sulfur ointment 10%. You can find this in the Hispanic section at target, Walgreens and some grocery stores like Safeway. It's not too expensive and lasts a long time. It's around $4-$7.

The instructions say "apply a thin layer to skin and rinse off after 10 minutes with water". It's very powerful stuff. Don't leave it overnight because it will just dry out your skin, its kinda tacky and won't work any faster that way. As oily and tacky this stuff feels its actually water soluble so don't worry.

There is also the Acne Free sulfur mask that works well too. If you want the most bang for your buck try De la Cruz sulfur ointment. I'd seriously be lost without the stuff because it has helped my acne sooo much.

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Using sulfer soap since two third week and suddenly I have a new under the skin pimple emerging on cheek. I had purging before too but tiny zits here and three. Does it mean it's not working...should I wait more?

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