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..they Say Green Tea Is Great For The Skin....

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So many people have said that green tea is excellent for the skin.

I have suffered from acne that can range from being mild, moderate and moderately severe. Currently my skin has completely cleared up and I'm doing my best to keep it this way.

I have come across this pill called "Tegreen 97" by pharmanex.

You may want to read this for how green tea impacts acne..

And I am a believer of the statement that green tea definately helps reduce acne. I have been consuming 4 of these pills daily for a little over a year now, and definately see improvement. The thing about these pills is that 1 pill is equivalent to 7 cups of green tea, without the caffeine.

Has anyone ever tried these or anything similar? How was it? Will you consider giving these a try?

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I used to make iced green tea when my acne was at its worse. I would use probably 5-6 bags and refrigerate the tea to drink throughout the day. I would then take the tea bags, put them in the freezer to get cold (not frozen) and place them on my face. I liked using green tea as a topical more than anything. I haven't taken the pills because they are usually more expensive than a box of green tea bags.

My Regimen!

Yes-to-Cucumbers/Yes-to-Grapefruit wipes [1],

Wash face with DKR cleanser [1 pump],

L'oreal Toner [1 Cotton Round],

Wait 10 minutes, apply BP [1 1/2 pump]
After BP dries, apply AHA+ [index finger length],

Apply DKR moisturizer[2 pumps],

(Every two days) Exfoliate with St. Ives Apricot Scrub

Dot any existing blemishes with BP/AHA


Yes-to-Cucumbers/ Yes-to-Grapefruit wipes [1],

Wash face with DKR cleanser [2 pumps],

L'oreal Toner [1 Cotton Round],

Wait 10 minutes, apply BP [3 pumps]

-Extra Treatment:
Clinique Eye Treatment,

Clinique Repairwear Serum,

Principal Secret Anti-Aging Lotion,

Freeman Chocolate & Strawberry Mask

Status as of March 2013: No active pimples, few healing.

A glass can only spill what it contains.

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A great place to look at various reactions to green tea is in the review section of this site. Just type in green tea.

Also @buildingbeautiful: That last line of your signature is so true. You emit what you take in is how i interpret it

80%-20% Alkaline forming vs Acid forming Diet

I don't consume:
*Whole grains
*Refined sugars
*Table salt
*Vegetable oils
*Processed/Fast foods
*Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs)
As well as the pesticides/herbicides that come with them

My philosophy: Less externally, more internally

Even taking long hot showers in chemically treated tap water is too harsh for acne prone skin

(And that's without a face wash)

This site is absolutely loaded with info on curing acne internally

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