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S5 Spiro -- Hair Loss Cream For Acne?

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So maybe I've gone off the deep end (and doesn't acne make you want to do that occasionally?) but I ordered's spiro cream for my face. I really can't find anything online saying others are using it that way purposely... but I noticed a few people on the hair loss site said that if they had acne on their hairline (where they were using the cream to stop hair loss) that the acne cleared up. ?? Anyone else try this?

I can't find topical spiro purposely created as an acne solution anywhere.

Not willing to try spiro pills systemically yet, since I already have low blood pressure and I feel like that would be a bad idea. But after a year of cleaning my (already organic) diet and trying a variety of supplements, I am done. The breakouts are so bad I don't want to leave my house.

Btw, I'm a 38 year old woman with both hair loss and acne. DHT is obviously my problem.

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