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Stress Related Acne

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Hi all, quick introduction- I'm Anthony, 22 years old from the UK. A member of this site for a good couple of years, I've never really had the confidence to post, which is to say; when it comes to my acne, I've always been far too ashamed to even talk about it. I know many may have the same problem, others would call it foolish, but I've always felt like it's something I'm cursed to battle alone.

Background info- I've suffered with moderate acne since I was about 14- I say moderate because I know there are always sufferers worse than myself, but the truth is it was painful cystic acne with disgusting-to-look-at yellowheads and nodules everywhere you looked. Naturally I had to put up with years of teasing and 'mild bullying' I would call it at school, and then college. My mother has also suffered with acne for most of her life, although she is acne free now she still bears the scars- both physical and confidence wise. Fortunately, my acne is 10 times better than it was during those college days, after 2 years on tetracyclyne (which did absolutely nothing to help my cause) and then about a year and half on retin-a (which thankfully did wonders, albeit with the side effects of chronic dry skin and peeling lips I still have to deal with today, nearly 2 years after coming off the treatment.) Alas, just because the acne was improving does not mean I had confidence- I was so bad I was literally housebound during daytimes for about 3 years. I still went out to see friends etc, but during the nighttime when I knew my skin was not as noticable.

My current condition- My absolute main problem at the moment is that I have a multitude of scars on my cheeks and around my temples, ghosts of years gone by. I guess you could say my actual breakouts are uncommon now as they've ever been, but when they do arrive I am guaranteed to recieve a peppering of unsightly red marks which utterly destroy the fragile bit of confidence I've actually built up. My main reason for posting now is because for the first time in my life I feel some semblence of balance- I started seeing a girl I'm into and I generally go outside a lot more then I used to, the anxiety attacks are mostly at bay.

So the issue here is- I still have anxiety attacks. Usually when I'm having a bad few days of obsessively looking in the mirror or something. And when I do, is when I have my breakouts. Pretty much under no other circumstances do I get it now, which I find hard to believe after years of just getting breakouts on a regular basis. I know there is a lot of stuff on the internet about stress and acne, but I rarely see anything specifically linking anxiety and acne. I had a pretty shitty ride when I was a teenager, so I am aware of the root cause, but was thinking maybe, just maybe this is the one reason my acne was so bad to begin with?

The simple solution for limiting these breakouts is to stop looking in the mirror, stop obsessing and stay calm. But I can't help myself sometimes, and a good day without any incidence quickly escalates.

I'm not here looking for sympathy, I'm merely sharing my experiences, maybe there are others who have the same problem.

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