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I'm also keeping this log on RealSelf.com

I'm will start counting as of two weeks (full 14 days) into my treatment since that's when the side effects/improvements starting to kick in.

Day 15: Skin was peeling quite vigorously. Woke up and it was peeling all around my mouth. Cysts I had prior to treatment have shrunk. Some new ones (cysts or not, big acne) did appear and most is on the right side of my cheek. My left side is clearing. Forehead is drying too. Chin is the mostly clear. My nose and the area around it are good and clear.

Day 19 (day this is posted): Huge yellowish and white scabs on problem areas. I'm so tempted to pick at them but I know I'll only get scars or it'll make the problem worse (and look worse!). The acne under my chin has basically cleared, which is good. Not using any cleansers or scrubs because I don't want the scabs to prematurely come off, so I'm just letting water run over them.

Seeing my derm this Saturday for a checkup.

My question is....is this scabbing normal? I know we all have a tone point reported dryness and stuff but I'm just worried these scabs are out of the ordinary. They occur where the new acne appeared after I started treatment and they are largest on my right cheek. My left cheek only a few.

Any advice and encouragement is appreciated :) Thanks so much.


Currently on 40mg/day. Brand: Myorisan.

Obtained from Dr. Michael M. Dao from Westminster California.

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Day 20: First scab peeled this morning after a shower. Whoohoo! Unfortunately, a new scab is drying over it but the skin underneath wasn't red or shiny, which means the healing is making progress. I find that neosporin helped....although I've only used it for the night of Day 19, so let me see how well it works.

Seeing derm Saturday. Hope all is well. Someone from the lab called to tell me he says my blood results are fine but apparently he found ketones in my urine? O_O So he wants me to redo my urine test to make sure.

I googled this and apparently it's a possible sign of Type 1 Diabetes....though I don't see how I can be developing this if my blood was fine. I guess the doctor will review things with me. I need a new prescription soon.

The left side of my face towards my mouth is reddish and somewhat bumpy. There was definitely something there prior to my treatment, and it has went down, but I hope it'll just flatten and fade out.

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I have also heard someone else getting scabs on their body.

So it's Day 29 and I'm not ready for a "proper" update but I will just say where my skin is clear, it is CLEAR.

where it is bad, it is BAD.

The badness comes from the HUGE scabbing regions on my face. Like, one huge scab,

My doctor says not to use neosporin and to give it time. I think I'm gonna agree with him because I notice when I used neosporin it just keep oozing pus and stuff. So as of the past week, I haven't been washing my face. I use a moist pad to scrub at clear areas but completely avoid the scab regions. They look quite grotesque because it's so dry and flaky.

My mom says they should peel within the next week. I trust her judgment.

Does moisturizer really help for you guys? I'm scared to use them seeing as how these scabs have been dry all week already. Once I wet them and let them peel, it's back to square 1 if it doesn't work :/

Otherwise, my doctor says I'm on the right track. No significant side effects on my body.

Oh, also....Day 22 I switched to 60mg/day. I'm also taking 1000mg Augmentin (875 amoxicillin/125 clavuvanic acid) twice a day for 15 days....well...we'll see how things go. Just want these scabs to peel :(

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Day 31: Things are actually looking up. Scabs have begun to peel and fall off. I found out drinking lots of water helps with the dryness and probably even with the healing. I don't even need to put on as much lip balm/chapstick. It's marvelous.

I'm also eating more fruits and veggies and cutting back on sweets. Who knew all the benefits that come with healthy eating...inside and outside.

Today my teacher commented how "rapidly" my skin has been improving. I told him I just finished a month of Accutane. He simply nodded and smiled. I bet he hasn't really heard of Accutane since only doctors and patients do, but I'm glad people are noticing the results nonetheless. It's really helping with the anxiety and fear from worrying over whether or not accutane will work for me and if I'm on the right track.

Clear skin is mine eventually!

I'm glad, at least, that this happened before college and senior prom.

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Just enough. Like a dabble. But I stopped it after two nights because it ultimately didn't seem to work. Scab would only be replaced.

Now a lot of scabs on right cheek have peeled off but the skin is still flaky underneath. No more oozing it most areas though so a mega scab isnt gonna form over again. I should really invest in some Cetaphil or CeraVe to help with the flaky-ness. Ah well, week 5. Can't expect results to be too marvelous quite yet. Better having progress than none at all.

Left cheek still has this huge one. Ugh.

Entire forehead is slowly clearing up. Only problem is the center area.

Oh, guys, whenever I have bleeding or oozing, i usually just to push out any ooze as I can and then dab some hydrogen peroxide on the area. Keeps it dry and kills the germs. I think it helps it heal faster.

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