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Accutane Journey So Far

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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share my journey on accutane so far.

The kinf of acne I thought I had was sever. I had big cysts in between my eyebrows, that was the most common place, a couple on my foehead, and the random one or two one my cheeks. The rest of my cheeks got very bad with multiple, up to 10 at a time, whiteheads that got really swollen and red. Covering them up made it look worse and turned them purple.

Jump to December when I went to my very first dermatologist visit. He asked me all the basics what have I tried before. I have tried antibiotics from my general doctor and my sister gave me her retin-a. Maybe not the best idea but I told that to my new derm and he didnt reply much to that. Aksed me how long I was using it and how was it working. I used retin-a for about 4 months and it only made my skin worse. Constently flaking and even more red. I broke out alot on my temples and chin where I normally never do. My derm gave me the option of going on a three month course of antibiotics and said that wouldn't guarentee clearskin. I was a little bummed that he suggested that because I came in knowing I wanted to ask about accutane. Immediately after he suggested antibiotics he suggested accutane. He asked me if I knew about it and of course my answer was yes I had been researching accutnate for as long as I can remember having acne. Once he explained it to me and I said thats what I wanted he got me started with the paperwork right away. I did my blood tests and went back one month later to get my first prescription. I was taking 40mg twice a day so 80mg daily for 5 months.

Yesterday was my last day of month 2. Today is my first day of month 3. My skin is 100% clear of any pimples. I do have some scarring and hyperpigmentation but it is very manageable for me. I just had my derm visit for the month 3 prescription about a week ago and he said my skin is doing really well I can come off accutane after my 4th month.

The only side affects Im experiencing are irritated eyes, they are always watering and turning red. Im more tired than usual every though I sleep my full 8+ hours nightly. I have had a couple of rashes on both hands one got really bad it spread up both my arms.

Sudocrem is my favorite product using with accutane. It helped clear up my rashes and it helps heal pimples or open cuts do to popping pimples. I got mine from amazon. For face wash in the morning use cetaphil and at night I use either Bior cleanser or St Ives Apricot scrub. I still scrub my face every so often but very gently to remove all the extra flaky skin.

Im continuing accutane for another 2 months and I will be done.

Feel free to ask any questions.


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