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Change Of Dosage

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Hi. I've been taking 30mg/day of Roaccutane for 2 months+2 weeks. I would say that my face has cleared 70-80% (I had acne for 9 years, ranging from mild to moderately severe).

My dermatologist decided to lower the dose starting next week: 20mg/day. My lab test results were all good though, and the side effects I experienced were only mild (dry lips, dry skin, that's it). Derma said to try the 20mg dose for 2 weeks and if all goes well continue it, otherwise get back to 30mg.

A few questions:

  • Would there be an IB when the dose is lowered? I think this might be too low for me (I weigh 50kg).
  • Anyone else out there who tried it? I kept seeing people who have their dosages increased as months passed, instead of decreased. I'm scared my acne will come back again sad.png

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