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Recommended Way To Use Clean And Clear And Differin?

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I've been struggling with acne since like 7th grade and I'm in 11th grade right now. I've been seeing a dermatoligist since 8th grade and I've been on Differin since October. It hasn't really done anything but an annoying initial breakout but I'm trying to have hope in it that it'll work after 6 months. I've been using Cetaphil for about 2 years and I felt like I had built a tolerance to Cetaphil and it was like putting water on my face that has the capability of clogging my pores. So I switched to Clean and Clear today because I saw a video where this girl got off of proactiv (which I also considered using, but I heard it's terrible for your skin), and she is using the 3 products that I got today.

My acne right now is at the point where my entire face just looks pink. I have countless small bumps and 2 or 3 big ones. It's so annoying and I feel like I look like an ugly pig.

I have Clean and Clear: Astringent, Dual Action Moisturizer, and Soothing Cleanser, all with like 2% salicylic acid.

I also have Neutrogena Naturals for a cleanser and Differin as a prescribed topical medication.

Currently I'm doing:

In the morning -

C&C Cleanser in the shower

5-10 minutes later - apply astringent

5 minutes later - C&C Dual Action Moisturizer

At night -

Neutrogena Naturals


Dual Action Moisturizer

I just started today, so I'm not sure if it'll work like this or not. I don't want to get in too deep to find that I'm either using the wrong combination of products or the wrong method.

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Sorry this is so late. Keep on using the Clean and Clear products. Initial breakouts are a good sign that the product IS working! Also, get off of Differin, it's such a waste of money. I was on it for a year and it did nothing. Try EpiDuo! If you use it everyday, you get results in a month. Trust me! It cleared up my skin over the summer. Then school started and I fell off the routine and my acne became worse. (Hormones were also a factor.)

Personally, I would talk to your dermatologist/doctor about testing to see your testosterone levels; they might be too high. This is one of the biggest causes of acne, especially in males.

Also, don't forget to choose products for YOUR skin type, not for some girl in a video. (Kudos to you for not trying Proactiv,

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