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Anyone Had Success With Topical Clindmaycin By Itself (No Bp)?

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I have just been prescribed clindamcyin cream and benzaclin (I can choose which works best for me).

I would prefer just to use the clindamycin, but lately I have been using the benzaclin because I have read some negative things about clindamycin by itself. One dermatologist I spoke to says it is innefective without a combination with benzoyl peroxide, although others have told me otherwise. Patients seem to have similar opinions, some say Benzaclin is the way to go and some have had success with just clindamycin.

BP really reddens my skin and irritates the hell out of it. However I have used benzaclin in the past with some success. I used clindamycin briefly too by itself but it was so many years ago I forget if I responded positively to it or not.

My question to you guys is:

Is clindamycin good all by itself?

Or should I just deal with the redness/falkiness of BP?

Your thoughts please.....


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For about a year or so in college I had great results with topical clindamycin alone. My acne was fairly mild at the time, only on my chin & forehead but not sure if that makes a difference.

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