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Vitamineralgreen - Good/bad?

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Hey guys,

Just thought I'd throw a question at you..

Basically I've been eating a lot healthier/cleaner lately, and it's done well for my skin. I've cleared up for the most part and feeling pretty happy about my skin.

Recently my friend suggested I try using VitamineralGreen Capsules: *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules*

It seems that I've been having very small pimples since I've been taking this "about 3 weeks in". My friend reassured me it's part of a "purging period" or "initial breakout". I was just wondering if any of you have heard about any "green" product causing an initial breakout? I'm just a little paranoid because I'm really hoping that this isn't just giving my skin a bad reaction.

Any tips help!

thanks guys!


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