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Chrissy Cambell

Add Bp After Moisturizing Rather Than Before?

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I started using quinoderm, which is a type of benxoyl peroxide here in the uk. I bought the 5% version and it was my first time using BP.

Anyway I have very naturally oily skin but after reading some posts by others on here, I was slightly worried I might peel badly and turn very red.

Anyway, to combat this I decided to use neutrogenea visibility clear oil free moisturizer on face after I washed it. Once the moisturiser was absrobed I applied the BP5%.

All I experienced was a slight burning sensation which dissapeared after 5 minutes, I am now on my third day and have not produced any new spots/acne and those spots I did have are reducing in size. I dont have that much redness either.

Basically I was just wondering is it ok to apply the bp after moisturizing rather than before?

I have to shave everyday as I am very dark, that is irritating enough, I cant imagine what it would feel like adding BP to my face after a fresh shave without already applying moisturizer.surprised.gif

I forgot to mention.

What serums, vitamins, supplements or oils can I take to help reduce acne scarring? I scar badly anyway in general but i am sure every little helps.

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Do what's best for you. Technically that is not the regimen that you are doing, but it's your own and it is working for you. I had to stop using BP, it doesn't burn but the next day the skin on my chin looks like a snake shedding its skin.

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