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Giving The Derma Another Go(Success With Acne Scar Treatment?)

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Well about a year ago, I went to the derma for the treatment of my extreamly severe acne. The moment I walked in the door, accutane was prescribed to me, that actually help a lot, got rid of my most severe state of acne. I still get acne, just not constantly like I used to.

But now, Im giving it another go for the scars, but the thing is, will it help? Only one way to find out. Better than wasting money on stupid over the counter products. Who here has had success with scar treatment from a derma? Hypertrophic scars, pick axe, boxcar scars, rolling scars, you name it, I have it. Hopefully a light will shine for me.

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They judge by the way we look, but what they dont get is...The covers not quite like the book.

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