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Starting Spiro In Mid-Teenage Years?

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Hi, I have recently started spiro (almost 2 wks into it, tapering up gradually, now at 37.5 mg/day), and it is shocking how much less oily my skin is already. Fingers crossed that it will really work for me, but so far so good. I am in my 40s and have dealt with acne my whole life. Now my daughter is in her teens and after starting her period has the joy of oily skin and breakouts. I would like her to avoid all the suffering I went through, including my bad experiences with BCPs, and I'm wondering at what age it would make sense for her to start spiro if it came to that. All that I have read has been about adults on spiro. It looks like teens usually get put on BCPs. If anyone has experience with spiro for teens, please let me know.

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