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Meals/recipes To Make With Foods On My Shopping List? Need To Change Things Up...

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It would be really helpful if people could post some creative meal ideas with the foods I can buy at the grocery store and stuff I should have in my cabinets at home already. I know there are already really great recipes in this forum, but a lot of them require me getting stuff at the grocery store that I can't get either because my mom is not willing to buy it, or I can't simply because we don't frequent the grocery store very often. Needless to say, my parents aren't very supportive of my healthy diet; they think buying frozen meals is better because they are cheaper. *sigh* Anyways, I'm getting really bored eating the same things, so any ideas on how to spice things up? Here is my current grocery list:



baby carrots

bag of spinach

frozen berries



frozen veggies

almond milk

asparagus (sometimes)

cucumbers (sometimes)




sunflower seeds


plain yogurt

celery (sometimes)

plain oatmeal

wild brown rice

onions (sometimes)

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