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How To Get Rid Of These Marks After Pimples?

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Hey everyone. I'm new here. Hoping to get some advice on something.

Sometimes I get really bad acne. I think its mostly around the end of the year when I stop eating healthy for a few days and go crazy on all the Christmas desserts and everything.

Anyway, after this Christmas just gone I noticed I had a fair few pimples. Some were really big. I tried not to pop them and let them heal on their own. I think I might've ended up popping one; the others were popped during sports or by accident. I thought they were healing, but after 2 months nothing was happening. One of them looked like a blood blister in a way, so I decided to pop it. They popped like a normal pimple, but blood came out.

Now they're empty and just red marks, like you can see in the pic. Is there anything I can do to get rid of these marks? I don't really want these scars to last.

Weirdly enough, around the time I got these pimples I did pop one. It was between the marks you see in the pic and my ear, but that one healed fine and left no mark.



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